How to Pack and Travel With Dive Gear

How to Pack for a Dive Trip

Scuba Adventures owner and Assistant Instructor, Scott Berry, and his daughter and instructor in Australia, Gloria Berry wrote this article for Scuba Diving International‘s blog. You can view the original article here. Traveling with dive gear can be a bit of a challenge, but with a little planning, it’s doable. We’ve seen it all: divers […]

Polar Bear Dive Club Roundup 2021-2022

As the weather and water finally begin to warm, we want to thank everyone who participated in our second annual Polar Bear Dive Team and our team captains, Adam Parsons and Preston Gray! Let’s reflect on the amazing adventuress we’ve had this season. The Polar Bear Dive Team was available to all divers with an […]

To Tip or Not To Tip: Tipping Protocols in the Dive Industry

Tipping in the Dive Industry

Tipping is a common practice in the United States but who to tip and how much isn’t always clear. Then, you factor in international travel and their country’s tipping protocols and things definitely get confusing. Although it may vary, here are the general tipping protocols for the dive industry. “Should I Tip My Dive Master […]

Reasons To Scuba Dive in Cozumel, Mexico

Scuba Diving

Thinking about diving the blue waters of Cozumel? For decades, Cozumel, Mexico has offered divers a world class diving experience. And of course divers from Texas love the quick and inexpensive nature of diving Cozumel. Famous for its reefs, drift dives and night dives, many people are unaware that the is a wonderful wreck dive […]

Conquering Currents in Thailand

Scuba Diving Thailand - Bruce A. Campbell

Not long ago I was sailing off the coast of Thailand on a 60-foot catamaran and I was thinking about the dives we expected to do around the Phi Phi Islands. We had sailed out of Phuket and the Andaman sea was a beautiful emerald green. We were making about 7 knots in relatively light […]