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The Most Incredibly Diverse Underwater Ecosystems…Landlocked? What It’s Like Scuba Diving in Aquariums

Some people are just drawn to the water, some people love it so much they keep it in their house, in this case I am talking about an aquarium, and some people learn to scuba dive.

That describes me. As a child I was infatuated with the water and had a dream to become a cetacean biologist and eventually become the director of a Sea World. I could imagine no better life than being surrounded by dolphins and whales all day. I didn’t pursue that dream, but I did become a scuba diver.

The vocation I did chose allowed me to travel all over the world and dive in wonderful locations. Even when my travels took me to landlocked destinations, I still would seek out the aquariums, like in Lisbon, Singapore and Shanghai.

Aquarium Scuba Diving

Some aquariums offer the rare opportunity to scuba dive them, either through my time as a volunteer at the Dallas Aquarium to diving the Living Seas at Epcot, Disney World.   

These locations bring you all sorts of undersea life, like the Georgia Aquarium that allows the unique opportunity to dive with Whale Sharks and now to even do it on a rebreather. In the Mandalay Bay Aquarium, you can get a taste of diving in full chain mail, and Epcot has one of the most diverse aquariums in the world.  

I no longer look into aquariums but look out the glass at those looking in. In one instance at Epcot, my dive buddy and I joined in on the father-daughter dance at a wedding reception (underwater wedding crashers) and at a separate instance, I photobombed the bridal photos. This creates memories that all involved will have forever.  

Diving inside the glass allows scuba divers to engage with the audience and perhaps tap into the future diver that is watching. Interacting with the children in whatever way possible, from peek-a-boo to blowing bubble rings for the kids lets them know the underwater world can be both safe and fun. One of the best ways towards conservation of our oceans is to remove the fear of the unknown or by letting them see you swim side by side with sand-tiger sharks.   

So, when you are traveling, whether for work or for fun, in cities which might seem far from the ocean, remember all you need is your swimsuit. Las Vegas, Orlando, and Atlanta, to name a few, can offer you a new experience in diving.   

Learn to Dive With Scuba Adventures

Are you heading to a destination with amazing scuba diving? Whether in the ocean or aquarium. Or are you just ready to take your love for the underwater world to another level? You can learn to scuba dive right here in DFW, Texas! We have a heated, indoor, 18-foot pool ideal for training year-round as well as a pavilion and training platform at the Scuba Ranch in Terrell, Texas. It’s easy to get started. Sign up for an Open Water Scuba Diving course today.

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