Polar Bear Dive Club Roundup 2021-2022

As the weather and water finally begin to warm, we want to thank everyone who participated in our second annual Polar Bear Dive Team and our team captains, Adam Parsons and Preston Gray! Let’s reflect on the amazing adventuress we’ve had this season. The Polar Bear Dive Team was available to all divers with an […]

To Tip or Not To Tip: Tipping Protocols in the Dive Industry

Tipping in the Dive Industry

Tipping is a common practice in the United States but who to tip and how much isn’t always clear. Then, you factor in international travel and their country’s tipping protocols and things definitely get confusing. Although it may vary, here are the general tipping protocols for the dive industry. “Should I Tip My Dive Master […]

PADI vs SDI – Is There A Difference?

Scuba Diving Internation SDI vs PADI

If you know anything about scuba diving, or have been researching scuba for the first time, you’ve probably heard of something called PADI. Maybe even before you heard about SDI or it’s hugely popular technical diving agency TDI. PADI started over 50 years ago and SDI over 20 so they’ve been in the market longer. […]