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Scuba Dive Costa Rica

What’s on your scuba dive bucket list? 

Manta Rays? Whale Sharks? Bull Sharks? Frog Fish? Humpback Whales? Dolphins?

You can have the chance to knock these bucket-list items off your list and more in Costa Rica this summer with Scuba Adventures Plano.

Costa Rica June 27th-July 4th 2020

Join us on June 27th-July 4th for 8 days and 7 nights in Costa Rica. You get 10 dives, all meals at the all-inclusive resort and airport transfers 

On your surface interval before flying home, enjoy an on-land adventure with horseback riding, white water rafting, zip-lining, visiting thermal pools and volcanic mud.  

You get all of this for only $1375 per person for a double room plus airfare (which is around $500).

If your friend or partner isn’t a scuba diver but still wants to enjoy everything Costa Rica and the amazing Villas Sol Hotel & Beach Resort has to offer, they can join us for only $900!

Although we think that sharing a room with fellow scuba fanatics is all a part of the fun, you can book a single room for $1659 (subject to availability). 

Ready to start your scuba adventure?

Scuba Diving in Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is becoming one of the most popular scuba diving sites for divers in the United States. Sandwiched between two oceans, Costa Rica offers diverse marine life not available in many countries.

Marine Life

From this biggest sharks and rays in the world to amazing macro life, Costa Rica has it all. Here are some of the exciting things you could see on one of your dives:

Whale Sharks- If you’re going on your trip to Costa Rica with Scuba Adventures Plano, you’re in luck! Whale Sharks visit Costa Rica from June-September. Keep your eyes peeled when you’re at around 25-35 feet for these gentle giants.

Giant Pacific Manta Ray- Manta Rays can be anywhere from 14-24 feet long! They can be found year-round in the fabulous Costa Rica waters. Their large mouths help them gather thousands of plankton in one gulp.

White Tipped Reef Shark- These non-aggressive sharks are similar to some humans in that they enjoy a late-night snack. They do most of their hunting at night and during the day you can find them resting in the sand.

Hawskbill and Loggerhead Turtles- Anyone else adore turtles? If you’re like me, you’ll love our trip to Costa Rica where turtles are found year-round!

Octopus- There are several species of octopus in Costa Rica. If you’re hoping to find one, look into the cracks and crevices of the coral. They are camouflage queens and can easily sneak up on their prey.

Spotted Eagle Ray- These interesting rays can be found shoveling in the sand with their pointy noses looking for shellfish. If you’re lucky you’ll see a squadron of 15 to 20!

Moray Eel- You can find up to 16 different species of Moray Eels in Costa Rica! Do you think you can find them all? Just be sure to keep your fingers to yourself, they have a bit of a bite!

Dolphins- During your surface interval you might find a pod of 20-25 leaping around the boat!

Humpback Whales- Humpback whales are more common in Costa Rica During the wintertime. Looks like we might have to go back! 

Frog Fish- Does anyone have a dive buddy that can always seem to find crazy creatures hiding in the coral? If so, you should definitely bring them along to Costa Rica to find the Frog Fish! They blend in incredibly well with their surroundings.

Bull Shark- Bull Sharks can be found year-round in Costa Rica but they are especially present from May to November due to the nutrient swells.

Orcas- What doesn’t Costa Rica have?? In the wintertime, you might stumble across a Killer Whale, or Orca. 

Hammerheads- Hammerheads are one of the few sharks that travel in schools, and let me tell you, it is quite a sight! You can find them at Cocos Island in Costa Rica and even sometimes on shore dives.

Nudibranch- If you’ve never heard of Nudibranchs, you are missing out! They are a macro photographer’s dream come true. You can find many different species of these sea slugs hiding in the colorful coral.

Scuba Diving Conditions

Scuba diving is fantastic in Costa Rica year-round! May to November is considered the rainy season, but don’t be afraid! That usually just means you’ll get a few hours of rain in the afternoon (during your surface interval) and then it clears up again.

If you’re a fair-weather diver (no judgment!) then have no fear! Water temperatures are on average 83 or 84ºF in the summer.

Visibility can range anywhere from 15 feet to 100 feet! Either way, there is always an abundance of marine life to enjoy.

In summer, the ocean surface is predominately calmer than in the winter months. Most dive sites are calm with little to no currents or surge except for Cocos islands. Cocos islands can have stronger currents and surge.

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